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Brush Plating

JJ Niven Engineering are a certified jobbing shop of the Sifco Electro-brush Plating System.

This versatile system provides an in-house or on-site in situ repair to worn or damaged machinery and equipment which can eliminate the time and cost involved with major strip down and removal of plant and equipment.

Typical repairs include;

  • Hydraulic cylinder and ram repairs
  • Worn or damaged bearing and seal journals (internal & external)
  • Die and rolling cylinder defects
  • Electrically conductive surfaces

Stable material build ups or customised mechanical properties can be deposited on the intended surface to increase hardness, wear resistance, or corrosion protection. With a wide range of plating solutions available we can offer accredited repair solutions to industries such as;

  • Hydraulics
  • Mining and Heavy Equipment
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Printing

For more information on the benefits Selective Brush Plating process can provide, contact Scott Clark on 0275364240 for further assistance.