Niven Engineering Ltd

A one stop engineering shop

Equipment & Capabilities

Design and Build Services

The J J Niven Engineering In-house Design Team coupled with comprehensive Fabrication Equipment and Machine Shop provides our customers with almost unlimited capabilities, from small jobbing tasks to large Equipment Development contracts.


Over 2000 Sq/m of covered workshop space equipped with Gantry Cranes and Monorails to provide a flexible workspace for multiple, dissimilar projects in simultaneous production by our highly experience workforce.

Fabrication Shop Equipment

  • Twin head Profile Cutter will accurately shape steel plate up to 200mm thickness
  • Plasma cutter for up to 10mm plate
  • CNC Guillotine will cut steel plate up to 12mm thickness
  • Band Saw with 530x340mm section capacity
  • 100 Tonne Hydraulic Press 1.1mtr long bed with 250mm ram stroke
  • 75 Tonne Punch up to a 25mm hole in 20mm plate or cut 65x25mm Flat Steel
  • Rollers for 10mm Plate up to 2.5mtr width
  • 10 Tonne Tank Rotators for vessels up to 3mtr diameter
  • MIG, TIG & MMAW Welders and 600 Amp MIG seam welder with 3mtr capacity
  • Heating Plant, 60 Sq/m Paint Shop and Industrial Sandblasting service

Machine Shop Equipment

  • CNC Jobbing and Production Lathes
    ◦ Microweily – 8 Station, 1500mm centres, 850mm swing
    ◦ Jaguar – 8 station, 3080mm centres, 1060mm max swing
  • Large turning capacity lathe and multiple jobbing lathes
  • CNC Milling
    ◦ ProtoTRAK SMX5000 milling machine x2 off
  • Gear Cutter for up to 600mm diameter
  • Radial Drill with up to 2160mm radius
  • Horizontal Borer with 1100x1050mm table

Additional services

Our shop is trained in the use of selective brush plating for onsite or in-house repairs to damaged bearing journals, worn sealing surfaces, or scoured hydraulic rams.

This build up process can be done in position, minimising downtime or disassembly of plant and equipment.