Machine Shop Services

Large Capacity CNC Jobbing Production Lathe

Large Capacity:
Between Centres, 1500mm
Swing over Bed, 660mm
Swing in Gap, 860mm
Spindle Bore, 105mm

Tool Station:
8 Station Turret

Teach lathe provides quick and easy programming for both jobbing and production work.

Other Complimentary Machines

Horizontal Borer:
D.F.O Horizontal, Table Size 1100 x 1050 Vertical travel 1000mm.
Diameter on Table 3200mm max

Large Radial Drill:
HCT Radial Drill, Drilling Radius 2160mm
Distance between spindle and base 1800mm No. 5 MT

Gear Cutting:
T.O.S. Hobbing Machine – Up to 3 D.P. Gears
Max Gear Diameter 600mm

Craven: Swings 1300 over bed, Swings 1000mm over saddle, 3800mm centres
IM63: Swings 630mm over bed, 350mm over Saddle, 955mm in gap. 2800mm centres.

Universal Mill:
T.O.S. Universal. Table 2000mm x 450mm. Vertical Travel 450mm.

Small Surface Grinder, other Lathes, Keyway Broach, Drills, etc